Ultrasound Cheat Sheet

Ultrasounds Needed to Graduate: 25 each of E-FAST, Aorta, Biliary, Renal, DVT, Cardiac, and Pelvic (1st trimester pregnancy)

Q-Path Login: 

  • Username: last name
  • Password: humc20xx (xx is year you started residency)

E-Fast Views: 

  • RUQ
  • LUQ
  • Bladder
  • Cardiac (any view) – look for
  • Pneumothorax rule-out by lung sliding clip or M-mode

Aorta Views: 

  • Proximal
  • Distal
  • Iliac bifurcation
  • Longitudinal view
  • “Abnormal” is any aneurysm > 150% of normal diameter
    • 3 cm for abdominal
    • 1.5 cm in iliac
  • Most common location is just below SMA take-off

Biliary (Gallbladder) Views:

  • Pan through longitudinal gallbladder
  • Anterior gallbladder wall – should be 0.3 cm or less (i.e. 4mm is enlarged)
  • Arrow pointing at neck (check for stones)
  • Sonographic Murphy sign: Y/N
  • Measure CBD (optional)
    • Normal is typically 0.5 cm or less
    • Age based estimate: 1 mm for every decade (i.e. 6mm is normal in a 60 year old)
    • Can be 1 cm or greater after cholecystectomy
  • Sonographic signs of cholecystitis:
    • Dilated gallbladder with stones or sludge/gravel (if uncertain, can roll patient around and watch the sludge fall with gravity)
    • Thickened gallbladder wall > 0.3 cm
    • Positive sonographic Murphy’s sign
    • Pericholecystic fluid

DVT Views: 

Cardiac Views: 

Female Pelvis Views: 

Appendix Views (optional):

  • Look for appendix in RLQ or groin
  • Should overlie on the iliac vessels
  • Dilated appendix is > 6 mm in length
  • Appendicolith will have shadowing (if it does not, consider it just to be the appendix luminal surfaces sticking together)