Residency FAQ

How is resident staffing in the emergency department structured? 

There are 5 pods in the Emergency Trauma Department, each containing about 20-25 beds (including hallway spots). Each pod is typically ***

What computer system do you use?

We use EPIC hospital-wide and AGFA IMPAX for imaging. EKGs are uploaded directly into EPIC, as are transfer paperwork (such as from a nursing home or rehab facility) and EMS reports. We have created many charting templates to help our residents chart more efficiently while in the ED.

How are patients admitted to the hospital?

Patients can be admitted to their own primary care provider if they have admitting privileges. The PCP may also have an arrangement with one of the hospitalist groups that admits. If the patient has no PCP, there is a hospitalist group called Cogent/Sound that will admit the patient.

What off-service rotations do residents go to?

What are examples of electives that the residents have done? 

What do you use for scheduling?

We use the website This is used for both resident and attending schedules. Additionally, the on-call schedule for consults/specialists is also posted on this site daily.