Off-Service Logistics

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  • Where:
  • Getting to Labor and Delivery is a personal journey, but here is the way that is somewhat easy.
    • When you go into the hospital, take the stairs next to the main elevators, go up to 2 MAIN. Go towards WFAN, where we have conference, through the double doors and down that orange hallway. Except instead of swiping in to the hockey rink, keep following the orange hallway all the way around until you get to a set of doors and a brown hallway. This is the Women’s building, L&D is on the 3rd floor.
    • There is a residents/attendings break room around the corner from the nurses station. No code needed for the door.
    • There is a coffee machine around the corner from the lounge.
    • Call rooms are on the 2nd floor, in the suite across from the elevators, ask which are open to OB. There is also a students lounge at the end of the hall that has a decently comfy couch.
  • Who:
    • On every shift you’ll be with a senior, either a 2nd, 3rd or 4th year OB resident. On Friday they usually have the 2nd year and a 4th year on shift. Usually the OB residents don’t care about vaginal deliveries, they want the OR cases.
    • House Case: You are welcome to every house delivery, just make sure you’re around and have at least introduced yourself beforehand to the mother.
      • House attendings: Saber, Mark, Chong, Kostant, Simonian, Pennant, Chadha
    • Private Case: If there is a private attending delivering, ask the attending if you can get involved. Below is the list of attendings that we have found to be the most willing to let us help.
      • Private attendings: Collado, Shah, Chong, Ramirez, Abdelhak, Nunez
    • On call resident spectra is 71878, on call attending is 71854
  • When: your schedule (unless changed during this year) is M 7p-6a, W 10p-6a, Th 6p-6a, F 6p-6a, Sun 7p-6a.
  • What:
    • Night to night: Usually you show up at whatever time you’re scheduled, check in on the main board on any screen on L&D. This will show what cases are in the room, how far along and which attending is assigned. Find the resident and they’ll let you know if there are any ED consults pending or if there is a room ready to go.
    • You should take the spectra that they have for the ED resident and try to rest between cases if possible. This would be a good time to work on your “interesting case” presentation for conference.
    • You don’t stay for rounds in the AM, so pending any deliveries in the early AM, you should be leaving right on time.
    • At times you’ll have to write triage notes, consult notes or delivery notes. Make sure you ask the OB resident to share their note template.

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