Morning Report

Morning Report: Hydrogen Peroxide

Resident Presenter: Kimberly Citarrella PGY III Topic: hyponatremia; intoxication Case Summary: 32 yo Hispanic male w/ PMH EtOH abuse presents as AMS. Per brother, he went on a 1 week drinking binge and may have consumed H2O2. He has been vomiting, last vomitus with some blood. Patient is combative and requiring 4 point restraints. Diaphoretic,… Continue reading Morning Report: Hydrogen Peroxide

Morning Report

Morning Report: Pediatric Tachycardia

Resident Presenter: Blake Sonne PGY-3 Case Summary:  Pediatric tachycardia in a poorly responsive 10 kg, 9 month old male, diagnosis will ultimately be SVT, HR 240, narrow complex (QRS<0.09 sec), initial pressure 80/50, SpO2 90%. Child will be alert, grunting, RR 40. Pt will be placed on nonrebreather 15L, SpO2 will then result 100%, IV/IO… Continue reading Morning Report: Pediatric Tachycardia