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Our residents and faculty attended the ALLNYCEM 2017 conference at NYU today! The residency is able to send all residents to attend regional annual conferences in NYC, the NYC metropolitan area, and the Newark and New Brunswick area. Pictured (L>R): Matt Schwartz PGY-3, Joe Mattingly PGY-3, Jen Artick PGY-2, APD Ellen Kurkowski, Jess Shuen PGY-1,… Continue reading ALLNYCEM 2017

Morning Report

Morning Report: Hydrogen Peroxide

Resident Presenter: Kimberly Citarrella PGY III Topic: hyponatremia; intoxication Case Summary: 32 yo Hispanic male w/ PMH EtOH abuse presents as AMS. Per brother, he went on a 1 week drinking binge and may have consumed H2O2. He has been vomiting, last vomitus with some blood. Patient is combative and requiring 4 point restraints. Diaphoretic,… Continue reading Morning Report: Hydrogen Peroxide

Morning Report

Morning Report: Pediatric Tachycardia

Resident Presenter: Blake Sonne PGY-3 Case Summary:  Pediatric tachycardia in a poorly responsive 10 kg, 9 month old male, diagnosis will ultimately be SVT, HR 240, narrow complex (QRS<0.09 sec), initial pressure 80/50, SpO2 90%. Child will be alert, grunting, RR 40. Pt will be placed on nonrebreather 15L, SpO2 will then result 100%, IV/IO… Continue reading Morning Report: Pediatric Tachycardia